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New Highlight Videos

Please go to order page , then fill the form . After this we call to you or send a message and Email for defining how to recieve order and deliver the pack. 


Plans of order and deliver:


Upload and download on site


 After we recieve players match and training videos , our group with the help of experts cuts all of players scenes on videos and make a nice pack that it involves highlight video clip at all , 1 match highlight clip , resume catalog and ...
This is the best way for players and coaches to promote themselves.
These products include the following:
- A variety of video clips from the players
- Resume and statistics catalog andfiles 
- Upload your clips and promotional video on site 
- Especial page for players on BamiFin site 
(You can share it with other)

These days players and coaches with the help of agents try to present themselves to clubs for improving.
So they need a good video pack and resume catalog for presenting their technical quality to the better club and team for new contract.
BamiFin is a group for making a professional promotional pack that can be a good help to improve players and coaches.

 Also agents can players video and resume send to us that we upload them on site and make a especial page for them. Then agents or players and coaches can use page link to promote themselves.